Getting Started

After signing up with Rapid Deployment Software, you will be given a login name and password for your mailing list.

The first thing you need to do after logging in, is to go into General Settings (see below) and check that the e-mail address for rejected messages is correct.

If you have a Topica list, you will also have to enter the address for forwarding acceptable messages. This address includes a password that you create with Topica.

Initially, very few moderation parameters will be set up, other than a generic list of "bad" words, initialized for your convenience by Rapid Deployment Software (RDS). You may want to set up other parameters (see below) before you switch moderation over to this program.

When you are ready to have messages automatically moderated, you will simply tell your mailing list system that is the moderator. If anything goes wrong, or you don't like the way the system is working, you can change the moderator back to your own address, or take the list out of moderation altogether.

At any time, you can adjust your moderation parameters. The changes take effect immediately, and will apply to the next message posted to your list.


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